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Why do I have to provide my ID?

At times (especially when multiple accounts use the same Internet connection, you use a VPN/Proxy, or you have completed an offer that required a form of payment), you may be required to provide a photo ID with a name and an address that match your EarnCrypto account.

If asked to provide for verification, please follow the directions below:

-Submit a valid drivers license or state-issued card
-Make sure name/address are visible.
-ID must not be expired and address must be current.
-Place your ID on a piece of paper that includes today's date and your username hand-written.
-The information can be attached on the Settings->Trust page for review.

Important notes about ID verification:
Your Driver License Number (DLN) is not needed and will never be asked for. If this piece of information is visible on your document, feel free to blur/hide it. Also feel free to blur out any picture or photo of yourself too.

Once received, ID review generally concludes within 5-10 business days. The ID information will only be used to verify that your name/address is valid and legitimate. Please refer to the Privacy Policy in regards to security precautions to your information.

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