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Why was my withdrawal request placed on hold?

Payments that have been Pending for over business 7 days are automatically considered on Hold / Delayed.

This is just when we need more time to work with our advertisers to validate all of your activity.

Reasons a Payment could be delayed longer than 7 business days
-Large backlog of orders to process.
-Delay in receiving payment from advertisers (Remember we are only able to buy cryptocurrency/rewards because the advertisers pay us).
-You completed a high point offer that requires more time to verify the advertiser will pay us
-You completed high risk offers such as those involving making purchases or payment information which require longer to fully validate.
-Flagged for potential site rule violations.
-Advertisers flagged your account for suspicious activity
-Received multiple reversals from Advertisers
-Advertisers want more time to verify completions

Because we payout real money in the form of cryptocurrency there will always be people trying to game the system so to ensure a great experience for everyone we work closely with our advertisers and a third-party fraud/abuse prevention service.

Help us combat fraud and get you your cryptocurrency quicker by filling out the options on the Settings->Trust page.

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